Walks programme June 2019

Wednesday All Day walks are planned on an informal basis one week in advance  and are not published on the website. These walks provide the opportunity for potential leaders to try out new walks and have guidance with map-reading. Please contact the secretary via the Contact page  for further information. 

There will be one Sunday afternoon walk on 2nd June.

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 Date           Day  Type   Area Distance (miles)  Departure time  
  2nd June  Sunday   All day  Chantry Post - Burpham  9.4   9:30
  2nd June   Sunday  Afternoon  tba 4  1:30pm
  5th June  Wednesday  All day  See top of page
 9  9:30
 5th June  Wednesday   Afternoon  No planned walk

 9th June  Sunday  All day   tba  9  9:30
 9th June  Sunday   Afternoon No planned walk
12th June  Wednesday   All day  See top of page
 9  9:30
12th June  Wednesday  Morning  Titsey Hill
 4.25  10:00
16th June  Sunday   All day   No planned walk
16th June    Sunday   Afternoon
 No planned walk

19th June  Wednesday  All day  See top of page
19th June  Wednesday  Afternoon  No planned walk    
23rd June   Sunday  All day  Plumpton  10  9:30
23rd June  Sunday  Afternoon  No planned walk
26th June  Wednesday  All day  See top of page
 9  9:30
26th June  Wednesday  Afternoon   No planned walk 
30th June  Sunday  All day  Seaford Head - Alfriston  10  9:30
30th June   Sunday  Afternoon  No planned walk

Sunday and Wednesday walks

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