Walks programme October 2019

Wednesday All Day walks are planned on an informal basis one week in advance  and are not published on the website. These walks provide the opportunity for potential leaders to try out new walks and have guidance with map-reading. Please contact the secretary via the Contact page  for further information. .

There will be one Sunday afternoon walk on 4th August

 Date             Day            Type                Area                    Distance (miles)   Departure time  
2nd October  Wednesday  All day  See top of page  8 /9    9:30
2nd October  Wednesday Afternoon  Mark Beech  4   13:30
6th October  Sunday  All day  Charity walk Horsted Keynes  9.5   9:30
6th October  Sunday   Afternoon  Charity walk Horsted Keynes
 4  13:30
9th October   Wednesday  All day  See top of page  8 / 9   9:30
9th October  Wednesday  Afternoon  Piltdown  4-5 13:30 
13th October   Sunday  All day  Lamberhurst (fig of 8)   5.5 + 3.5   9:30
13th October   Sunday  Afternoon  No planned walk    
16th October   Wednesday  All day  See top of page  8 / 9  9:30
16th October   Wednesday  Morning  Hassocks  5.5 10:00
       Optional pub lunch.    
 20th October   Sunday  All day  Sevenoaks  9   9:30
 20th October
 Sunday   Afternoon   No planned walk     
 23rd October  Wednesday  All day   See top of page
 8 /9    9:30
 23rd October  Wednesday  Afternoon   Cowden    4.5 13:30
 27th October  Sunday  All day  Groombridge  7.5   9:30
 27th October  Sunday  Afternoon  No planned walk 
 30th October  Wednesday  All day  See top of page   8/9  9:30
 30th October  Wednesday  Morning  Fordcombe  4.5  10:00
       Optional pub lunch    

Sunday and Wednesday walks

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